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The Influence of your interior design on your home business


Home office came up regularly before 2020. But since the outbreak of COVID-19, working from home became the norm. I myself was confronted with this several times in recent months. The home office still seemed so much fun. However, after several days of working at the kitchen table, I noticed that I regularly lost my focus. Suddenly my preference went to walking around, walking the dog or ceiling staring. And as an expert in interior design and home decorating, I can assure you that’s when you best not want to be staring at a dark or overexposed ceiling.

Research has shown that light, smell and room height contribute to creativity and productivity. Through the tips below, I like to tell you how you can increase your productivity with the right design of your apartment or home.

Tip 1 – Paint your walls in light colours

High ceilings are important to increase the quality of your thinking processes. Of course, not every home is equipped with high ceilings or lofts. Therefore, the tip to start your interior design basics by painting the walls of your workspace in light colours. Because light colours reflect light more than dark colours, your space will appear larger and therefore your ceiling will appear higher. This, in turn, will cause you to increase the quality of your thinking.

Tip 2 – Dim your lights when doing creative tasks

Bright light can stifle the sense of freedom needed to spark creativity. So when decorating your apartment or home, make sure you provide dimmer switches with your lights. Do you want to modify your existing home and new switches are not possible? Then you can always go for a floor lamp with a built-in dimmer switch. Here is a concrete example.(URL)

Tip 3 – Go for a pleasant smell in your workspace

Wood surfaces in your apartment or house have a positive effect on people because it helps the relax. That’s why I recommend having your work furniture made from materials such as wood, brick,leather and felt. Materials that promote a more relaxed and less obstructive atmosphere. If you add the right scents to workspaces in the process, you can get all productive. When integrated into furniture or rooms, pleasant scents such as lavender, citrus or peppermint create a good mood and help to mentally unwind.

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