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Tips for furnishing your apartment

Where once the preference was to live in a house, now 60% of all Belgians live in an apartment. The average surface area of an apartment is around 80 m².

Is your apartment above or below average in terms of square meters? Then with a spacious apartment, you may already be thinking ‘How do I fill this space and still keep it cozy’. With an apartment that is compact, ask yourself ‘How can you use the space as much as possible without making it too crowded?’ Andadditionally, ‘What about the furnishings?’

Do the above trends apply to you? Then we would like to give you some tips for furnishing your apartment. Satori’s moto is ‘your home mirrors your soul’. It is therefore important to transform your apartment into a home. With the right materials and colors, you can achieve this, regardless of the number of square meters.

From studio or flat to duplex and penthouse, use the 3 tips below when decorating your apartment to create your own home:

Tip 1 – Choose neutralcolours when decorating.

Keep the color palette in your apartment limited and ensure balance. Choose 1 color palette that can be found across all rooms. This will make your spaces timeless and your apartment feels like a cohesive unit.

Tip 2 – Use warm materials when decorating

Combine the chosen color palette with warm materials. This will create the atmosphere and coziness in your rooms. Wood and leather are already 2 materials that create coziness when furnishing. Choose wooden furniture like a cabinet and a table or go for a wooden floor. With leather, you can get started with a leather sofa or dining room chairs upholstered in leather.

Note: Use a maximum of 3 different materials.

Tips 3 – When decorating, wall materials are a must.

When decorating, use decorative wall materials, such as mirrors and curtains. This is to make your walls look as long and tall as possible. Go for materials that cover the entire wall of your apartment. Curtains will create coziness, and mirrors in turn will create the feeling of space.

Good luck with the above tips!

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