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Our personal adventure in France

I would like to tell you more about my husband and I’s renovation process to our “mas” in France.

A renovation that eventually turned into quite an adventure.

France had captured my heart, even years before the start of this renovation process. The decision to find a vacation home here was obvious. I love a challenge. Especially when it comes to furnishing and interior design. I deliberately did not choose a new house but took up the challenge to start renovating or rather, restoring a Mas from 1660. With the idea in mind that the vacation home would become a real home.

In the end, the result exceeded my wildest dreams. Although the process did not go without a hitch. As a Belgian living abroad, I encountered many obstacles, ranging from living as a foreigner, and finding suitable furniture and decoration to the pace of work, which in many countries is different from ours.

In the meantime, many years have passed and the vacation home is a reality. I myself am extremely proud of the styling and the overall decoration. I would like to tell you more about the old techniques that my husband and I used here in the next blog.

Do you want to move abroad yourself? Then I would like to give you the following tips:

Tip 1 – Move locally

The first tip I would like to give you is to rent something for a while in the region that appeals to you. And start the search for your dream home from there.

Who knows, you might make contact with locals. Always handy to have a local contact in case of an emergency.

Tip 2 – Learn about local customs

Restyling your home abroad? Inform yourself about local customs such as working hours, building techniques, and mentality.

Or call on us and we will take care of matters such as transport and installation.

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