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A passion for interior design

After posting our first tips around interior design, I’d like to give you a peek into my personal life where I tell you more about myself and my passion for interior design.

My passion for interior design started when I was very young. Almost every Wednesday afternoon I would rearrange my attic room. Every piece of furniture was in every possible place in the room. When I got a little older and lived on my own, I regularly went to Hulst on Sundays to buy new decorations and give them a place in my interior. A little later in life, I started trying out all kinds of decorative techniques myself. I took several courses to make my own paint and to make and apply the real, authentic“tadelakt”.

I love to create beauty through unity and tranquillity in an interior.

I myself am regularly inspired. This is by traveling to fairs in different countries. For example, twice a year I go to Maison &Objectin Paris to keep abreast of the latest trends and discover new collections of different manufacturers. The “Salone del Mobile” in Milan is also a huge source of inspiration. In turn, the annual “Furniture Fair” in Brussels is ideal for getting to know home-grown manufacturers and their collections.

I named my own favorite style “natural living”. This is a combination of natural materials such as raw wood, wicker, and linen in an environment of calm tones and organic shapes. The latter is obtained by using natural paints and clay plasters.

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