A historical gem in the French Cevennes

In the green hills of the French Cevennes lies a former magnanerie dating from 1660. This silkworm farm – complete with chestnut drying room (clède) – breathes the rich history of the region, and has been transformed into a timeless B&B that oozes authenticity.

When you think of the French Cevennes, you think of rugged and unspoiled nature. That very landscape provided the backdrop for the transformation of a century-old former silkworm farm into a luxurious vacation retreat.

Even upon entering, the Corten steel gate attracts attention. Self-designed and manufactured by local steelworkers.

The dining area invites you to linger, the kitchen with tadelakt and cabinet doors in reclaimed wood of wagon boards exudes an earthy charm that harmonizes beautifully with the weathered steel windows of the dining area and the robust dining table. The meter-thick walls in schist were finished with clay plaster that nicely follows their whimsical shapes. And the seventy handmade lights and chandeliers bring an enchanting atmosphere to the porch at night.

Each bedroom was given its own identity. For example, one room shows off a wall of black tadelakt, while in another the sheet copper on the wall creates a surprising effect. The floors range from schist slate to vibrant terracotta.

Each bed was custom made, the recycled lights and fixtures we designed ourselves. All rooms were finished with authentic techniques such as lime and hemp plaster and chalk or lime paint, and the radiators are ingeniously concealed under the windows. Attention to detail and authenticity is the common thread throughout this project. From Zangra lamps to paint techniques using homemade lime and chalk paint, from copper sinks to a Boretti stove that matches Moroccan zellige tiles – everything is right down to the last detail. Even the kitchen towels match the color of the tiles. And even in the pool house, the details – like the beautiful mirrors, which bring the outside in – make all the difference.

The private living area of the B&B is decorated in the same style. Where possible, authentic elements were retained, or supplemented with new(er) materials in the same style. For example, the tiles in the bathroom are not authentic, but their appearance makes them fit in nicely.
In the bedroom, recycling takes center stage: both the bedposts and the large closet are made from used materials. The result: a unique blend of old and new that makes this private home an atmospheric and distinctive home.

Your vacation rental furnished to perfection

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