High-end penthouse on the Spanish coast

This new construction apartment of high-end property developer Miralbo in the Spanish province of Alicante was decorated entirely according to the client’s wishes, in the same style as his other home.
Thanks to the natural light and the choice of a modern Mediterranean style, we brought the sea and the beach inside as much as possible. Silk artificial flowers by top brand Silk-ka, the flat-woven wool carpet by Loook and the cabinets and table by Michel Denolf create a serene, calming atmosphere and create a true vacation feeling.

The bedroom also exudes quality and sophistication, thanks to luxurious sheets by Haomy, bedside tables by Michel Denolf and armchair (Flower) by Antwerp brand Toon De Somer.

Outside came a seat from Sits and a dining set from Emu. The Fillup Club’s stylish inflatable loungers can be used both on the water and on the patio.

Your vacation rental furnished to perfection

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