A passion for interior design

After posting our first tips around interior design, I’d like to give you a peek into my personal life where I tell you more about myself and my passion for interior design. My passion for interior design started when I was very young. Almost every Wednesday afternoon I would rearrange my attic room. Every piece […]

Our personal adventure in France

I would like to tell you more about my husband and I’s renovation process to our “mas” in France. A renovation that eventually turned into quite an adventure. France had captured my heart, even years before the start of this renovation process. The decision to find a vacation home here was obvious. I love a […]

The Influence of your interior design on your home business

3 TIPS Home office came up regularly before 2020. But since the outbreak of COVID-19, working from home became the norm. I myself was confronted with this several times in recent months. The home office still seemed so much fun. However, after several days of working at the kitchen table, I noticed that I regularly […]

Tips for furnishing your apartment

Where once the preference was to live in a house, now 60% of all Belgians live in an apartment. The average surface area of an apartment is around 80 m². Is your apartment above or below average in terms of square meters? Then with a spacious apartment, you may already be thinking ‘How do I […]

Your vacation rental furnished to perfection

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