New home with character in Sint-Niklaas

This newly built home in Sint-Niklaas illustrates how attention to detail, knowledge of materials and a respect for craftsmanship create a home that is both luxurious and durable.

In the kitchen, elegance and a more robust style harmonize: barnwood from old Eastern European barns, a Belgian bluestone sink and a reclaimed countertop find a place alongside microtopping and new Spanish designer tiles with marble joints. A beautiful synergy can also be seen in the details, so old jam jars from France and new, self-designed lamps complement each other perfectly – creating a unique style. The faucet work in the kitchen is by Italian Nicolazzi, the chairs by Vincent Shepard.

The living room has an atmosphere of vintage, although new and modern elements also find their place there. Sits sofa and self-designed coffee tables with microtopping, with a flat-woven hemp carpet by Loook underneath, create coziness. Unique are the thonet chairs at the dining room table. The lamps in the living space are also their own design. The linen curtains by the Dutch brand Toppoint and the pouf by Bazar Bizar complete the look.

Moroccan bejmat tiles in the bathroom, in turn, provide a Mediterranean touch. The sink unit – an old laboratory table from Paris – fits in like a glove. Again, the floor was finished with microtopping; the walls were done in tadelakt. As in the other rooms, the lighting here is a proprietary design.

The harmony between old and new continues in the outdoor space. There, a luxurious sofa by Sits and furniture by Gommaire invite hours of enjoyment. Additional mood lighting comes from Bazar Bizar’s tea lights.

Your vacation rental furnished to perfection

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